Winner proposal for the contest of the new Areas packaging. ¡Vamos!

[metaslider id=3858] [column-group][column]EN. Molaría called me to develop side by side one of the two proposals that were submitted to the contest of the new packaging of Areas, led by the agency Carlitos y Patricia. It's always a big honour and a great pleasure that renowned collegues count with you to make a new project. For those who doesn't know, Areas is the leader company of what is known as Travel Retail, with a strong presence in highways and airports of half of the world.

Opi & flag for Red Bull Air Race

[column-group][column]Created at Kastner & Partners Creative Executive Direction & Copywriter: R. Prado Art Direction: B.

Repositioning strategy for J. Montenegro’s cosmetic beauty

[metaslider id=3639] [column-group][column]EN. When clients call me to reposition a brand, I light up. The challenge of creating a world as entertaining as possible around a business, excites me to no avail.  Fabricantes de Piropos ("Compliments Manufacturers") used to be called Cosmetic Beauty.

Poster to promote the use of the bicycle in Madrid

Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Cats cheats for Sushita

[metaslider id=3674] Designed at Hormigas Creative Direction: M. Moreno Art Direction: B.

Shark for BMW Z3 roadster

[column-group] [column]CREDITS Created at * S,C,P,F... Creative Executive Direction: T. Segarra Creative Direction: J.

Salad Plus: María Vasco. McDonald’s.

[column-group] [column]CREDITS: Created at TBWA Creative Executive Direction: A. Vaquero Creative Direction: J.

Is great to be young? Book for the Spanish Creative Club

[metaslider id=3653] [column-group] [column]EN: Spanish Creative Club called to give me the opportunity to design a book collecting all the ideas of the members about the topic: "Is it great to be young?" (In the Spanish advertising market) My work consisted on compiling them and designing the book. However, I followed an old habit: wanting to add ideas to everything, so with the theme given, I instantly rejuvenated 15 years.

C de C Airlines: Third annual of Spanish advertising. (Tribute to 9/11. Twin towers attack)

[metaslider id=3650] [column-group][column]EN: The Spanish Creative Club called us to create the new 2001-2002 Spanish Advertising Annual. I remember that year like many people due to the twin towers attak.

Pop up card invitation for A.M.A’s new headquarters

[metaslider id=3691] [column-group] [column]EN. Sometimes we get a phone call from other comms companies wishing to push some specific area of their projects. This time we got a call from Event2All, which was organizing the opening of the new headquarters for A.M.A and needed to send an invitation that would run away from “grey”, only subtly, as there would be official cars and Montecristos.

Eva & Juanjo wedding invitation

[metaslider id=3648] [column-group][column]EN: They say in Spain when it ends a story "...y fueron felices y comieron perdices"(...and they were happy and ate partridges), because it is a said common and also rhyme in Spanish. So I think that it's a sin invite in italics and decided to create, for Eva & Juanjo, an invitation that was exciting as the arrival of the bride, romantic as the waltz, unexpected as the greeting of some family member that you don't speak and most important, memorable as the pain of women's feet.

[column-group][column]EN: When the commercial name of a business matches her owner ID card name, designing their logo sounds as dull as a picture in the ID card. Good! Mixing up two worlds so different was a cool challenge.

Creation of Adam T-shirt for Elite

Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Marbella’s souvenir. Postal bag for Elite

[metaslider id=3658] Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Bubbles, cover for Yorokobu

Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Imported from the past for Santa Teresa Rum. Osborne

Headline: It's necessary to forget the past. Unless you feel so proud that you want to bottle it. Claim: Imported from the past. Headline: In 1796 there were 5 men for every woman.