Find a selection of works that have been awarded at different creativity festivals all over the world

Mediterránea Maggi: let nothing spoils a good meal

[column-group][column]CREDITS: Created at Cathedral Creative Executive Direction: J. López, P.

BBVA Real State, supporting the environment

[column-group][column]CREDITS: Created at Zapping Creative Executive Direction: U. Frick, U.

Shark for BMW Z3 roadster ¿Love to drive?

[column-group] [column]CREDITS Created at * S,C,P,F... Creative Executive Direction: T. Segarra Creative Direction: J.

Launch campaign for BMW C1 in Spain

[metaslider id=3663] [column-group][column]CREDITS Created at * S,C,P,F… Creative Executive Direction: T. Segarra Creative Direction: J.

María Vasco launch McDonald’s Salad Plus product range

[column-group] [column]CREDITS: Created at TBWA Creative Executive Direction: A. Vaquero Creative Direction: J.

Is great to be young?

[metaslider id=3653] [column-group] [column]EN: Spanish Creative Club called me to give us the opportunity to design a book collecting all the ideas of each member about the topic: "Is it great to be young?" (regarding the Spanish advertising creativity market) My work consisted on compiling them and designing the book. However, I followed an old habit: wanting to add ideas to everything, so with the theme given, I instantly rejuvenated 15 years.

Club de Creativos Airlines

[metaslider id=3650] [column-group][column]EN: The Spanish Creative Club called us to create the new 2001-2002 Spanish Advertising Annual. I remember that year like many people due to the twin towers attak.

Cover for Yorokobu: ice cream

Click on the image to view the magazine or here to read the article in Yorokobu [column-group][column]CREDITS: Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.