Here you can find a selection of classic media Campaigns.

Mediterránea Maggi: let nothing spoils a good meal

[column-group][column]CREDITS: Created at Cathedral Creative Executive Direction: J. López, P.

Happy Meal Desserts. McDonald’s

Created at TBWA. Creative Executive DIrection: A. Vaquero Creative Direction: J.

Cool instinct for Elite

[metaslider id=3671] Created at: Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Marco Latendencci: a peculiar stylist

[column-group][column]Marco Latendencci was a concept derivated from a play on words that means marking the trend and at the same time, in Spanish, sounds like a name from Italy. Therefore, we gave an Italian touch to this name, because for all it's known that Italy is the cradle of fashion design.

Repositioning strategy for Javier Montenegro’s cosmetic beauty

[metaslider id=3639] [column-group][column]EN. When clients call me to reposition a brand, I light up. The challenge of creating a world as entertaining as possible around a business, excites me to no avail. Fabricantes de Piropos ("Compliments Manufacturers") used to be called Cosmetic Beauty.

The freshest delivered sushi in the city

[metaslider id=3674] [column-group][column]Designed at Hormigas Creative Direction: M. Moreno Art Direction: B.

Launch campaign for BMW C1 in Spain

[metaslider id=3663] [column-group][column]CREDITS Created at * S,C,P,F… Creative Executive Direction: T. Segarra Creative Direction: J.

Molaría Christmas 2011

[metaslider id=3676] Created at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Sales for U de Adolfo Domínguez

HL. Skilled vs Clamsy fighting for the last season belt.

Imported from the past for Santa Teresa Rum

Headline: It's necessary to forget the past. Unless you feel so proud that you want to bottle it. Claim: Imported from the past. Headline: In 1796 there were 5 men for every woman.