Here you can find a selection of work developed with Social purposes

Bicycle: the best way to get around the city

[column-group][column] EN. In big cities: - almost all the pollution is produced by motorized transport - most of the car rides are less than 3 km - 1/3 of all car rides are less than 1 km - 3/4 of the cars entering the city only transport the driver - the average traffic speed is less than 10 km/h Still thinking that car is the best way to get around the city? I don't, therefore we developed this poster, to promote the use of the bicycle as the best way for get around your city. [/column][column] FR.

BBVA Real State, supporting the environment

[column-group][column]CREDITS: Created at Zapping Creative Executive Direction: U. Frick, U.

Localia’s TV self-promotion of a documentary about the coma

[column-group][column]CREDITS: Created at Molaría Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M.

Poster against Irak war

Art Director: B. de Arteaga Client: Bisonte Year: 2001

Poster against racism

Created at Cathedral Art Direction: B. de Arteaga Client: SOS Racisme

Somalia’s water

[column-group][column]Created at Cathedral Creative Executive Direction: J. López, P.