Here you can find a selection of works developed for clients that has Worldwide customers

Logo for Tradeslide

[metaslider id=3714] [column-group][column]It’s Klout for traders. Ok, so you may not of heard of Klout, but Klout is a fairly popular (especially in the tech world) website that rates social media influence.

E-mailing for a Spanish winery

Designed at Creative Direction, Art Direction, Account Holder: B. de Arteaga Marketing Executive: J.

Christmas e-mail card for SFP

[column-group][column]EN. Pieces like this Christmas card helped the most legal of my clients to express themselves differently in the Court than in a mailing campaign. After all, to plead means not the same than to congratulate.[/column] [column]ES. Con piezas como este christmas poco a poco voy consiguiendo que mi cliente más legal de todos no se exprese de la misma forma en un juzgado que en un mailing.

Blackbook Villas

A company allowing you to rent the house you could never buy clearly needed a nice logo and website. (Villa: A country house cheap for Beckam types, expensive for Smith ones.) [column-group][column]Designed at Molaría Creative Direction: B.

Proposal for the worldwide logo contest of the 125 years of Coca-Cola

[metaslider id=3646] [column-group][column]EN. Many thanks to McCann Erickson Madrid for counting on me for such a sweet and rare brief. Once received it, I smacked my lips a few times, and went to work with the agency hand in hand.