Ambigram for El Abuelo wine bottle

Drink 1 to La Casa del Abuelo’s 104 birthday.
Drink 2 to the tavern in which Warhol devotedly licked his fingers.
Drink 3 to the vineyard they own in Toro. In Toro! (Zamora. Spain)
Drikn 4 to «Tinta de Toro», the grape worshipped even by Mr. Parker, teh most respected wine critic in the whole wnie industry.
Drnik 5 ot lovley gesture the ownirs haf giving a spacial bottle to friends, family members and big lclients. Hic.
Dkrin 6 to the total total total freedom htey gave me to create the desing.
Drink 7 to the ambition El Abuelo had: to bee more modern, more differ – hic – ent, and more handsomer than evr.
Drinkse 8 t o the love I’ve investedd, for the ambi, ambi, ambigrams, and for wine bootles like these. Hic.

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AGENCY: Molaría CREATIVE DIRECTION: B. de Arteaga HEAD OF ART: S. Henarejos ART DIRECTION: B. de Arteaga/ S. Henarejos GRAPHIC DESIGN: B. de Arteaga TYPOGRAPHY: B. de Arteaga ACCOUNT HANDLER: B. de Arteaga MARKETING EXECUTIVE: D. Waldburger CLIENT: La Casa del Abuelo