Reuters Market Monitor


It´s a demostrated fact that in communication, when a message is told to someone and then, the message receiver tells to other and so on, the message changes a lot. So try to imagine what happened with the message after 5 times. The message and the meaning that comes to the last guy, is ridiculous. So we developed a play on words to demostrate that. This play on words, sounds very close, but the meaning was absolutely different. So we play with essential, that sounds very close to safety pins in Spanish and time, that in Spanish means, weather and time.


1: «For invest it is essential to have actual and real-time information». 2: «For invest in safety pins should be time and actual information». 3: «Investing in safety pins is not realistic with this weather». 4: «An investment in safety pins is not realistic as how is the weather now» 5: «My advice is to not invest in safety pins until the weather improved»

Translating the messages to english doesn’t work, because it´s a wordplay that only works in Spanish.


Created at Cathedral
Creative Executive Direction: P. Monzón, J. López
Art Direction: B. de Arteaga
Illustrator: B. de Arteaga
Copywriter: J. Coronil
Account Handler: C. Abril, J. Justribó
Product: Reuters Market Monitor
Client: Reuters
Year: 2003