Z cubed. Restyling of the BMW Z3 Roadster



Created at *S,C,P,F…
Creative Executive Direction: T. Segarra
Creative Direction: J. López/ P. Monzón
Art Direction: B. de Arteaga
Copywriter: J. Rodríguez
Account Handler: D. Martizez-Tessier, C. Abril, I. Muguiro
Marketing Executive: I. Fernandez-Simal, M. Morgado
Product: Z3 Roadster
Year: 2000[/column]

Perfection doesn’t exist and although a vehicle like this can make us believe otherwise, you always have to think to improve the present. When you discover the new 6-cylinder engine and 150 HP, as well as the redesign of its lines, you will understand what we are talking about. New BMW Z3 Roadster from 26.937 €. Want more? Here it is.[/column][/column-group]

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