María Lladó identity

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Designed at Molaría
Creative Direction: B. de Arteaga, M. Rufilanchas
Art Direction: N. Mirapeix, B. de Arteaga
Photographer: A. Zubiaga
Web Graphic Design: S. Gil-Roldan, B. de Arteaga
Printer: Dis Coelsa
Account Holder: M. Rufilanchas
Client: María Lladó
Year: 2008[/column]
[column]When the commercial name of a business matches her owner ID card name, designing their logo sounds as dull as a picture in the ID card. Good! Mixing up two worlds so different was a cool challenge. Just by looking at her name with new eyes, and seeing furniture where the letters are. There you go. The development of the stationery went smooth, as the gift in the decorator needed to be present in every piece of work. Because what she has is just a gift. Do you remember the house in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, where Penelope Cruz won an Oscar? Well, María decorated it. She is so talented at houses decoration that even Woody Allen fell for her.[/column][/column-group]Sep

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