María Vasco launch McDonald’s Salad Plus product range




Created at TBWA
Creative Executive Direction: A. Vaquero
Creative Direction: J. A. Bosch, J. S. Coronil
Art Direction: B. de Arteaga
Copywriter: M. Rufilanchas, L. Zorrilla
Producer: E. Domenech[/column]


Film Director: Daniel Benmayor
Athlete: María Vasco
Account Handlers: A. Glez-Camino, R. Porras, I. Hortal
Marketing Executive: D. Agromayor
Product: McDonald’s Salad Plus
Client: McDonald’s[/column]

Silver (TV). Charlie Bell Awards 2005. These awards were created for McDonald’s to celebrate the most outstanding work produced for the McDonald’s brand worldwide[/column][/column-group]

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