Cailler’s packaging rebranding

Due to the success reached with the Cailler international range, the company relayed again on the agency MEO to bring the brand to nowadays consumers trends. I was hired expressly for developing the mainstream range and I had the fortune of being an important player within a fantastic team, mainly generating the different proposals of the pack ranges, the key visuals and also doing the art direction.

In the front part, we empowered the charming optimistic side integrating different stories around the ingredients through the paper cutting art from M. Dubuis, who was the artist that mades the difference in terms of visual brand personality. To promote the swissness, we also developed a new way of naming the product and we added a stamp that made the connection to Maison Cailler.

In the back part, we wanted to leverage the great effort made by Nestlé in terms of quality, sustainability and local development. And, Why not stay more playful including the follow up of the story started on the facing?

In conclusion, we created a design system that allows to develop all their packs, through a unique, recognisable and local graphic language that accentuate the brand values without renouncing to their past. It’s amazing all that you can find in a chocolate tablet besides a great chocolate!